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Clarisonic Cashmere Brush Head

Everyone who has a Clarisonic loves their Clarisonic. In a relationship its always work to keep the love alive so I decided I would try a new brush head. Despite the fact that it is never necessary to do anything new short of changing the brush heads for sanitary and efficiency reasons every three months. I honestly only picked up the cashmere brush head first for the name and two falling in love with the feel of the brush. What I expected was a super soft cleansing brush perfect for a morning cleanse. When you’re washing your face in the morning your just polishing a relatively clean face and prepping it for the day. What I didn’t expect was the luxurious foaming action. This brush head will take your favorite cleanser and work it into a lovely, frothy, luxurious lather. I have even tested it on a light lathering oil based cleanser and the brush took it to normal levels. So the brush is great at working air into your chosen cleanser..fluffing it to great heights. A little something extra in the morning.

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